North Marston CofE Primary School

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Eco Council

The Eco council consists of two representatives from each year group. The council meets regularly and the representatives feedback information from their year group into the meetings.


The Eco-council representatives 2023-24 are:

Eco leaders-Isabella and Henry Cou 

Year 5-Mabel and Jacob

Year 4- Lucinda and Emilia

Year 3- Abigail and Barnaby

Year 2- Lucy and Isaac

Year 1- Henry D

Year R- Alliyah and Harry



Eco News - 23/05/24

We all headed back to the wild garden today to see how much the area has grown, we were even worried we might find giant creatures dwelling down there! It turned out there were no giant creatures but lots of over-sized plants that have been happily growing. We started to clear a small area that will allow the wild flower seeds to grow more productively. The giant buttercups (meadow buttercups) were looking particularly beautiful. 

Eco News - 02/05/24

We have been checking the wild garden to see not only what creatures and plants we can find but also to decide where we could plant some seeds that will attract bees. We have also spent some time learning about bees and the way the hugely support our biodiversity. 

Eco News - 05/03/2024


The Eco-council met up today and we went on a 'signs of Spring' walk. The children were looking for all the different ways we knew that Spring was arriving so that we could feed back to the classes our findings. They made some fantastic observations including-

  • Early flowers like daffodils.
  • Buds on some of the trees. 
  • Daisies growing amongst the grass.
  • One lonely buzzing bee.
  • Blossom on one of the apple trees.
  • New leaves on the trees. 
  • A small fern just poking out the ground. 


We agreed to go back out in one month time to see the difference. 

Eco News - 07/02/2024


All of the council came together and were working on a variety of projects. One group went to check on the bulbs that are growing, another group started working on articles for the newsletter and the final group were putting the finishing touches to the Parky Pigeons (more details to follow soon). It was a great meeting and the children are brilliant at working together. 

Eco News - 06/02/2024


The eco council leaders had a special meeting to discuss the forthcoming newsletter. They wanted to have a plan so they could help the other members of the eco council be involved in process. They had some really exciting ideas. They agreed they would meet with the other members of the council later this week. 

Eco Council News- 25/01/24


Today, members of the eco council went on a walk around the school grounds recording all the different forms of wildlife that we could spot. We are going to repeat this activity at different points in the year to see how the wildlife changes. 


The eco council leaders typed up the findings from the walk today and it is shown below. Other council members are going to write an article about it for the forthcoming Eco Newsletter. Make sure you keep an eye for it!

Eco Council News - 16.01.24


The children have now decided who is going to be in charge of the different parts of the newsletter.

We have agreed to go on a school wildlife walk in the next few weeks and record all the animals we come across and where their habitats are.

Several children were interested in how well the bulbs are growing so that was a discussion point. We all agreed to make sure we tell other children to stay away from where the bulbs are growing so they don't get damaged. 

Eco Council News


9th January 2024


The Eco Council met today and we discussed our plans for the term. The children have agreed they would like to create a newsletter for the other children and parents to help spread the word or the Eco issues that are important to them.


We also agreed that we want to encourage children to not drop litter.  Inspired by the 'Parky Pigeons' the children are creating posters that will encourage any litter or waste to put in the correct places.  


If you have any questions regarding what we are up to, be sure to ask the school Eco Council. 

We have pledged to reduce the amount of single use plastic used in our school.

We had a special visit from Jez Elkin who came to teach us all about the impact that single use plastics have on our environment. Our eco council have decided this is going to be an issue they would like to focus on. We are now working on ways to reduce the amount of single use plastic we use in school. Look out for our posters!