North Marston CofE Primary School

Challenging each other to love learning and truly care. “Love never gives up “ 1 Cor. 13

Worship and Church

As a church school we champion each child as a unique individual valued by God and created in His own image, and strive to provide the best experiences and opportunities to create happy and responsible pupils who are ready to learn and become worthy citizens for the future. Expectations for behaviour towards others and for learning are based on the Christian values highlighted in the school prayer and in our Christian school values of compassion, courage and justice.

Our ethos statement “Challenging each other to love learning and truly care” is known and understood by all stakeholders.

Our School Prayer


Dear God,

Let us make our school a really good school;

Let us be kind,

Let us be fair,

Let us be honest,

Let us be respectful,

Let us be friendly,

Let us be ready to forgive,

Let us grow up good.


We have links with both of our local churches.

Our vicar is Rev Petra Elsmore

Please follow the following links for more information about the churches in North Marston and Granborough

statement of entitlement for church schools